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GlowLead helps make your data work effectively for your business

GlowLead DBAs experts can give you the support you need to keep your databases secure, available and in-sync with your business within technologies, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL,Sybase, MS Access, Azure, and PostgreSQL. With a bespoke database, every user accesses the same data in a single location. That ensures your team is always working with the most up to date information

  • We help migrate and modernize databases - on-premises and cloud assets every day. A lot of customers from all over the world rely on our developers and architects for cost-effective database migration and support .
  • GlowLead experts database consulting services can connect the potential of information assets in any organization. Our database experts will solve your complex business problems within your business through database monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting which are vital to DBA consulting support services.
  • Avoid potential downtime and loss of business by outsourcing complex & critical database tasks to Service providers. Our DBA consultants complete routine database monitoring tasks including verification of database resources, database file system space, database space allocations and automated backup services. .

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Database Support Services focus on providing proper DB administration, monitoring, and maintenance of Database technologies like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, MySQL etc.

  • Avoid potential downtime and loss of business by outsourcing complex & critical database tasks to Service providers
  • Labour intensive database tasks can be performed seamlessly even if internal resources are stretched
  • Respond to emergency situations with a pool of DBAs required to fix the problem
  • Upgrade your data environment to leverage business intelligence for better decision making
  • Reduction in redundant data storage and increased productivity at work

How We Can Help You

Data is one of the most valuable resources that help you to attain the organization’s business goals

We can work as part of your IT team or act entirely on your behalf. We support a range of database requirements, including: ● project and new system planning ● database design, future proofing and installation ● database audits to identify weaknesses and potential risks ● database, server and system consolidation ● robust disaster recovery solutions ● optimised database tuning and performance ● upgrades and cloud migrations.


We can you help you to modernize your databases

Here are some examples of reasons our customers would like to modernize their systems:

  • Improve the security and high availability of systems to meet stringent governance standards.
  • Improve business agility by using cloud technologies and services.
  • Utilize cloud-born data from sources like social media with on-premises data for new ways to solve problems with artificial intelligence.
  • Reduce operating costs by moving to a more efficient and modern data platform.


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Databases Migrations

We take a vested interest in your migration strategy, combining innovation with an accelerated ROI that meets your business needs.

GlowLead understands that no two database migration projects are the same. Based on your business needs, we can provide you with a variety of choices for your database conversion project. The Database Migration projects are usually part of larger application modernization efforts. They include retiring the application, multiple levels of interoperability, or simple data migration. Also, we can do a complete “fork-lift” replacement on the application and database. The choice is yours — just let us know how we can help you convert a database to a new platform!

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Upgrade databases administration security Standards

GlowLead can help you optimize your database upgrades to maximize uptime and lower costs. If you are still running out-of-support database software, you could be out of compliance with new regulations and risk security attacks.

Upgrading a database to industry standards

GlowLead assists customers smoothly upgrade to modern database platforms like Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SAP ASE, Oracle Database and others for on-premises and cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

DataBase deployment

We support data platform architecture design through implementation and systems like SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, MarkLogic, NuoDB, CouchBase, MongoDB… and many others..


The key benefits of Database Unification include:

  • Lowering operating costs by moving to a SaaS model in the cloud using a less expensive database platform at its core
  • Stay relevant as your competitors running on open-source MySQL or PostgreSQL don’t have to pay on-premises licenses for Oracle and other traditional databases
  • Meet stringent governance and security regulations using the cloud along with the latest innovations for databases like row-level security, data encryption, and high-availability
  • Build on a platform designed for the future that can use the latest technologies for deep learning, big data analytics, and more.

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Still more of our Databases Services

GlowLead can help you upgrade your databases on-premises or to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or Google Cloud Platform. Regardless of your choice, we can provide you with a financial model to ensure you’re getting the best return on investment for your technology.

SQL Server Database Upgrade: Running on outdated versions of SQL Server? You're not alone! 60% of all databases are running on versions of SQL Server that are out of support or extended support. Learn why you need DB Best to accelerate your SQL Server upgrade projects.

Migrate SQL Server to GCP Compute Engine instances: Planning to migrate SQL Server to GCP Compute Engine instances? We can help quickly deploy your databases to the Google Cloud Platform.

Migrate MySQL to Azure Database MySQL: Helping our customers migrate MySQL to Azure Database MySQL and take advantage of cloud benefits such as high availability, security, and scalability at a reasonable price.

Migrate MySQL to Amazon Aurora MySQL: Discover how we can help our customers migrate MySQL to Amazon Aurora MySQL / RDS MySQL and take advantage of cloud benefits such as high availability, security, and scalability at the reasonable price.

Migrate MySQL to Google Cloud SQL: Learn how DB Best can help you get the most out of Google Cloud SQL with a cost-effective Migrate MySQL to Google Cloud SQL offer.

Migrate PostgreSQL to Google Cloud SQL: Take advantage of the Google Cloud SQL by migrating your PostgreSQL workloads to Google Cloud Platform. DB Best can get you there in a short period of time with Migrate PostgreSQL to Google Cloud SQL offer.